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Testimonial on the vegetable garden project (Mauritania)

by DIOP SOULEIMANE, Physics and Chemistry teacher, President of the ASPT association and RGPS project leader

We are delighted to share with you the success of the Réseau des Génies en Potagers Scolaires (RGPS) project, which recently won the UNICEF Solunutrition Hackathon. The objectives of this network of vegetable garden geniuses are many and are geared towards solving major problems in Mauritania.


Mauritania, like many countries in the Sahel, is faced with child malnutrition. Our project aims to turn children into key players in the fight against this scourge. We are proposing the creation of a social network in Mauritanian schools, centred on the management of vegetable gardens. From nursery school onwards, we teach children to love and practise vegetable gardening activities, mainly using recycled materials such as used tyres and plastic bottles.

As well as the educational aspect, our vegetable gardens have an essential nutritional objective, encouraging healthy, balanced eating through practical workshops and awareness-raising. The ultimate aim is for children to reproduce these methods at home to help their parents grow vegetables and fruit without having to spend any money.


The RGPS network also aims to educate and raise awareness among children of the importance of conserving the environment. Our vegetable gardens are made exclusively from recycled plastic materials, helping to solve the major environmental problem of plastic in Mauritania. We collect tyres and plastic bottles with the children to plant vegetables, while organising regular awareness-raising sessions on the importance of recycling and reforestation of plants endemic to the school’s locality.

To consolidate this experience, we have developed a dedicated IT platform, which can be accessed here. This application provides an interactive interface for following and supporting our project, connecting the community, sharing educational resources and demonstrating the positive impact. We look forward to continuing this exciting journey and sharing the future successes of the RGPS with the Youth Conservation community. Stay connected, and together, let’s cultivate a sustainable future!

If you would like to find out more about this project and support them, please contact Diop Souleimane directly: sdiopb5@gmail.com.

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