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Testimonial from our volunteer mentor in Benin – Awareness

Awareness of environmental protection

Discover the testimonial of our volunteer mentor in Benin, trinité Assou:

🌍 Activity with the Eco Warriors: Super Sayens of the environment!🌳

My new Eco Warriors Juniors had an incredible adventure! Inspired by the world of Dragon Ball, we became Eco Warriors Super Sayens for a day full of energy and discoveries. ⚡🌿

We talked about the importance of trees and the dangers of pollution, and the children participated with great enthusiasm. 🌳✨ It was great to see them so involved and passionate about protecting our planet.

At the end of this activity, I had the pleasure of distributing notebooks offered by a partner NGO. These valuable tools will allow children to continue learning and getting involved in the environment.

It was a very nice activity, full of lessons and good humor. A big thank you to all the participants and to our partner for their support.

Let's continue to protect our beautiful planet, one small gesture at a time! 🌏💚
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