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Testimony from the NGO Green Team Chad (CHAD)

Raising young people awareness about eco-citizenship and act for a sustainable world

Discover the inspiring testimony of the national coordinator, Bere Olivier, actively engaged within the Green Team Chad organization in favor of environmental education :

As Nation Coordinator of GREEN TEAM CHAD, an association of young Chadian eco-citizens committed to the fight against climate change, the preservation of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development, here is my testimony on the issues linked to environmental education of younger generations.

Our organization, whose slogan is: “Raise awareness among young and old about eco-citizenship and action for a sustainable world”, seeks to make young and old real actors of change in the fight against current climate crisis.

We have given ourselves the main mission of raising awareness among Chadian youth of the danger that climate change represents for our planet and of encouraging them to get involved in not only mitigating its effects but also adapting while taking advantage. benefits of related solutions.

We aim to play an essential role in the fight against climate change and the promotion of the SDGs in Chad by bringing together young people engaged in the search for sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. This by informing, educating, raising awareness and acting to preserve our planet by promoting sustainable practices.

This main mission is as follows:

. Inform, educate and raise awareness:
. Inform the Chadian population, particularly young and old, about the issues of climate change, its causes and its consequences
. Raise awareness among them about responsible ecological practices and adaptation measures
. Organize workshops, conferences, seminars, training and awareness campaigns on topics such as biodiversity preservation, waste management, water conservation, circular economy, adaptation, resilience, agroforestry, promotion of renewable energies, early warnings.
. Work with schools, associations, public and private institutions, local communities and resource people to make the integration of environmental education into school programs effective.
. Promotion and popularization of sustainable practices
. Encourage reuse, the circular economy, renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biogas, biomass, etc.) and eco-responsible behavior in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
. Promote agro-ecology, reforestation, recycling and sustainable management of natural resources
. Encourage green entrepreneurship through income-generating activities
. Promote equality, inclusion, climate justice, solidarity and gender consideration in the search for solutions to the climate crisis
Actions on the ground:

. Organize cleaning days in schools, health centers and public spaces
. Plant trees, restore degraded ecosystems, collect, treat and recycle household waste
. Organize ecotourism trips, particularly in parks, reserves and classified areas, to assess the effects of climate change on biodiversity, ecosystems and local populations.
. Produce television and/or radio broadcasts, press briefings, interviews broadcast on social networks in order to raise awareness among the general public about the effects of climate change and the need to commit to a sustainable world
. Resilience building, monitoring and evaluation
. Work with local communities to develop adaptation strategies linked to their settings and lifestyles
. Promote the resilience of vulnerable populations by strengthening their capacities to cope with extreme weather phenomena (floods, drought, desertification, violent winds, heat waves, air and water pollution, increases in temperatures)

Partnerships and networking:
. Collaborate with associations, NGOs, companies and public institutions at the local, national and international level to strengthen the impact of the association's activities on target populations
Organize networking events to bring together like-minded people, goals and objectives of the association

If you would like to know more about this NGO, you can contact the national coordinator, Bere Olivier directly: and follow their achievements via their Facebook page.
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