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Testimonial from the NGO Future for Future (Benin)


At a time when preserving our planet has become an absolute priority, the NGO Future for Future stands out for its unwavering commitment to education and environmental action. Two of its flagship initiatives, the “NATURE POSITIVE UNIVERSITIES CLIMATE CLUB BÉNIN” and the “ECOL’ECOLO” project, embody this commitment by offering quality education to children, teenagers and young people on the crucial issues of climate change and environmental protection.

“Nature Positive Universities Climate Club Benin: An Estudantin Commitment to Biodiversity and Climate.

Launched at COP15 in Canada, the “Nature Positive Universities Alliance” initiative has rapidly established itself as a pillar for the conservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change. The NGO Future for Future, which pioneered the initiative in Benin, set up the first NPU club at the University of Abomey-Calavi. With over 150 dedicated members, the club has become a driving force for change within the student community. The club’s actions are varied and impactful: raising awareness, waste collection, eco-tourism visits and making biodegradable packaging. Every year, on International Zero Waste Day, the club organises awareness-raising activities, webinars and digital campaigns. Recently, its campaign on post-festival waste management reached more than 10,388 people on social networks, testifying to its growing influence. To mark World Wetlands Day, we donated 400 mangrove seedlings to the NGO Pauly Afrique Bio as part of its project to reforest 100,000 mangroves in Benin, and we have no hesitation in supporting initiatives by young people to help conserve biodiversity.

The “ECOL’ECOLO” Project: Educate To Preserve

Aware of the urgent need to protect the environment, the NGO Future for Future has launched the “ECOL’ECOLO” project, an environmental education initiative. The project aims to shape responsible and committed citizens by providing high-quality education on the challenges of climate change from an early age. Through fun, interactive activities such as poetry, singing, storytelling, painting and drawing, the project raises learners’ awareness of environmental challenges. Workshops on making biodegradable packaging and tree-planting sessions reinforce this awareness, allowing learners to connect directly with nature. In 2022, we were privileged to participate in the UNESCO and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change consultations on the Greening Curriculum on Quality Climate Change Education. We not only contributed to the process of developing the proposals, but also presented the results of these consultations at COP27 in Egypt, with the “ECOL’ECOLO” project as our flagship initiative and model.

Towards a sustainable future: our outlook

For the NGO Future for Future, the road to a sustainable future has only just begun. We aspire to :

  • Develop a generation of young environmental leaders who can positively influence their communities.
  • Extend our initiatives to more schools and regions by collaborating with other organisations and civil society players.
  • Continue to develop our projects with a focus on empowering local communities and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

As stated in our organisation’s vision “To create a green and sustainable world for present and future generations”, we believe that every small action in favour of the environment is a step towards environmental justice.

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Our Vision : Create a Green and Sustainable World for present and future generations.

Our Motto : Prevent – Act – Sustain : Acting for a Sustainable Future.

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