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Let’s sow the seeds of eco-citizenship in children’s hearts every day!

As the year draws to a close, let’s take a few moments to take stock of Youth Conservation in a few figures.

Youth Conservation is :

  • 1 100% free website with educational resources for children and their educators (teachers, parents, nature trainers, etc.)
  • 6 modules for discovering, understanding and taking action for the planet
  • 59 nature conservation education certificates issued since May 2023
  • Around a hundred schools and NGOs committed to working with us in the field to educate people about nature conservation
  • 180 participants in monthly webinars
  • More than 11,000 visitors to the website since its launch in November 2022

Behind these encouraging figures, much remains to be done. The current global environmental crisis requires an urgent and collective response. Every eco-citizen can play an important role in building a society that is aware of its impact on the environment and committed to taking action to preserve the planet for future generations. That role is his or her own: however small, multiplied by eight billion, it can become a major achievement! So eco-citizenship is crucial today because it offers this proactive, shared approach to tackling environmental challenges. So let’s cultivate a love of the Earth from an early age, sow the seeds of environmental awareness, relentlessly cultivate this precious link with nature, and be the creators of tomorrow’s responsible and committed citizens. Let’s not forget that the Earth is a heritage that we must pass on, with care, to future generations!

We have great ambitions for 2024 and are counting on you to use our resources, share them widely and continue to pass on your knowledge to children with passion and enthusiasm.

Thank you all for your trust and your encouragement, have a great 2024 and see you soon!

The team

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