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Testimonial from the NGO Renewed for Hope (DRC)

On 31 October 2023, the training of teachers and students representing our new youth club for nature and peace took place at the MITI Kabare institute.


The aim of this activity was to train participants in intervention methodology, from theory to practice, on the importance of preserving the environment and building a culture of peace within the community.

The teachers were trained on how to integrate themes linked to nature and peace into their school curriculum, how to use the Guide and posters made available by the Youth Conservation organisation in terms of environmental education. They learned how to incorporate these essential values into their teaching and pass them on to their pupils. While the pupils took part in practical workshops on environmental protection and peaceful conflict resolution (Guided Focus Group).

As student representatives of our Youth Club for Nature and Peace, we trained them on how to become ambassadors for nature and peace in their community.

This new perspective on a better future inspires us to continue our efforts and work towards a world that is more respectful of nature and at peace. We are convinced that every little action counts and that, through our determination and commitment, we can make a real difference.


We would like to thank Youth Conservation for making available the environmental education tools that inspired us to create this training course.


…..Let’s Act together for our future……


The coordinator of the NGO Renewed Hope for the Future

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