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Spotlight on the NGO Education in environment and sustainable development (Guinea)

The NGO Éducation en Environnement et Développement Durable en Guinée (EEDDG) was founded on 05 June 2022 in N’Zérékoré, in the south of Guinea. Our current head office is located in Conakry/Ratoma/Koloma soloprimo. With more than 40 volunteers, EEDDG has carried out a number of actions in the field since it was founded, focusing on environmental education, reforestation, awareness-raising and digital campaigns for civic and environmental education.

In the course of our environmental education activities, we have reached over 500 individuals and corporate bodies, i.e. individuals and social organisations. Although our resources are limited, we manage to do more to achieve our objectives.

In statistical terms, the breakdown is as follows:

  • 150 people between 10 and 17 have benefited from environmental education training thanks to the support provided by Youth Conservation. Most of these courses are given in households.
  • 300 other people have benefited from the same training using Youth Conservation materials.
  • 50 social organisations have benefited from training modules in environmental education and leadership.
  • For reforestation, we have planted more than 200 trees in the forest region by 2021 and reached more than 25,000 people through our digital eco-citizenship campaigns.

Today we can say that thanks to Youth Conservation’s support through the guides and advice we have received, we have been able to reach more children because the resources make it easier for us to pass on the messages, thanks to the images and diagrams that can be explained directly.

Our vision for the end of the year remains the same: to reach more people, especially children and young people.

Amadou Bailo BALDE

President of the NGO Education in Environment and Sustainable Development in Guinea

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