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Testimonial from our volunteer mentor in Burkina Faso

plastic pollution awareness during world environment day

Discover the inspiring testimonial from our volunteer mentor in burkina faso, pulcherie Bationo:

On the occasion of World Environment Day on June 6, 2024, end of primary school students from the Toussougtenga center, CEB of Toeghin in the province of Kourweogo (Boussé, Burkina Faso) benefited from awareness raising on plastic waste after sporting events.

The objectives of the awareness raising were to:

. define what plastic waste is

. detail the harms of plastic waste

. implement eco-citizen behaviors, namely, getting into the habit of bringing a multi-use container for their purchases and throwing all plastic waste into the appropriate bins.

Future college students are committed to changing their behavior for a cleaner and more viable planet.

Bravo to them and to the volunteers involved in their mobilization! and thanks to Pulchérie Bationo, YC volunteer tutor for her commitment.
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